India Tour and Travel – The Best Tour Package for Tourists

India is the land which is blessed with a number of attractive destinations and natural beauty which attracts tourist from all over the globe. There are many tour operators and service that offer aim at making India tour & travel and itineraries that are suitable and interesting. India tour and Travel is one of the most sought after and famous tour packages, which take you to the lap of Mother of Nature. There are rejuvenating qualities such as soothes the skin, relaxes muscles refreshes, the soul etc. During the trip tourist can find the birds singing, verdant vistas echoing folklores, refreshing winds blowing, the foggy blue open sky appears to be meeting the earth at prospect, Assam represents good beauty on Earth etc. With this tour package, tourist can explore the region with a detailed tour encompassing all the sunglasses of Assam. There are some of the highlights that visitor should not miss while touring Assam.

Tea gardens: This is one of the most famous and sought after tea estates of Assam which are virtually flat and create tea which is named “black tea”. One of the most productive tea producing areas in the globe, Assam creates tea that is most famous for its body, bright color, malty flavor, briskness, etc. to visit here, tourist can see the entire process of preparation of tea. Starting from picking the fresh leaves of tea to its processing in the factories your East India tour

Kaziranga National Park: It is located both sides of River Brahmaputra and aziranga National Park which is the site comprising world’s two-third people of Great One- horned Rhinoceroses. This is chosen a World Heritage Site by UNESCO the park which is one of the most beautiful and charming with wide green plants and is home to huge breeding populations of water buffalo, elephants, and swamp deer and other.

Kamakhya temple: India Tour Packages are provided this Temple. There are a number of temples that tourist can explore like A shakti (consecrated to Goddess Durga) temple, Kamakhya temple, Kamakhya temple, and many others. Kamakhya temple is one of the most famous temples of Assam. It is an important pilgrimage site of Hindus.


Shanghai Hotels – Hot Holiday Destination!

If you are planning to spend your next holiday vacation in a colorful city where you can perfectly enjoy the combination of Eastern and Western cultures then, without an iota of doubt, Shanghai would be your perfect destination. The largest city of China has all, which you, while being a modern person, would love to see and spend time with.

For its wonderful weather, excellent city beauties and natural attractions, Shanghai has always been a central of attractions for the travel enthusiasts of all around the globe; records say that eminent personalities like Bernard Shaw, Albert Einstein and Tagore visited this place a number of times.

With the growing popularity of Shanghai, travel and tourism industry has been massively developed in the city. According to a recent data, the tourism industry earns billions of dollars every year, so you can understand how demanding the city is in terms of a hot travel destination.

You see, in highly demanding travel destination it often becomes difficult to find great quality hotels at cheap price; but fortunately Shanghai is a place where you will not encounter the same problem. The Shanghai hotels industry offers you the facility to live comfortably while giving less pressure on your accounts book.

Cheap hotels not always mean dirty and unclean environment, if you stay at a small inn then you can experience Shanghai’s local food and discover its warmth culture with ease. If you are an avid traveler then you know that the small lodges will help you to get introduced with the local people, food and culture.

At the affordable Shanghai hotels you might not find the Three Star and Five Star luxury, but you will definitely experience the comfort and friendly people which will ensure that you have a pleasant holiday vacation. You will find each and every room and bathroom of these affordable Shanghai hotels very clean and hygienic. In a calm environment you will be offered good quality foods at very affordable prices. In short, the affordable Shanghai hotels will reduce your accommodation and food expenses and you can easily use the money for other activities like traveling and shopping.

The smartest way to look and book an affordable Shanghai hotel is doing so through an online portal. Over the internet, you will find a number of travel portals and traveling service providers and from there you can easily book your ticket to Shanghai and Shanghai hotels.


Adventure Tourism in Sikkim

Sikkim with its spectacular mountainous terrain offers opportunities for mountaineering, trekking, mountain biking, bird watching etc.

People from all across the world are found visiting Sikkim for adventure tour especially due to the fact that there are trekking routes in this part of Himalayas even at altitude as high as 16000 feet. These high treks pose as a challenge even to the toughest of trekkers. However, Sikkim also has trek routes for the beginners which can easily set the pulse racing.

Sikkim also has the River Teesta which is perfect for river rafting. All those of you who like to splash around in water; this is the best place to be. In Sikkim you can also indulge in yak safari. All these make Sikkim an adventure tourism destination for all kinds of trekkers.

The trekking routes in Sikkim will not only take you through the most beautiful parts of this region where you can see lush green grasslands and deep alpine forests, but will also bring you close to some of the biggest and most beautiful monasteries present in the state. The best time to trek in Sikkim is between the months of February to May & September to Early December.

Mountaineering is another adventure travel activity in Sikkim. The best peak for you to climb will definitely be the famous Mt. Kanchenjunga located in south Sikkim. There are other peaks also in this state that will be as challenging to you as Mt. Kanchenjunga.

Since mountaineering is tough, you need to be well prepared both physically & mentally. Moreover, as the climb in mountaineering is generally much steeper you would also need to carry various gears along with you. The best time for mountaineering in Sikkim is between the months of September to Mid November.

Finally comes river rafting in Sikkim. Teesta and Rangit are the two rivers where you can indulge in exciting and enjoyable rafting. These two rivers are good for beginner as well expert rafters. Since for most part of the year, the water in these rivers remains freezing cold, it is advised that you wear as well as carry protective clothing along with you. You will find several sand spots on the banks of these rivers where you can set up camp sites and enjoy the surrounding landscape.


Thailand – The Land of Tourism

Thailand is an astounding kingdom featuring many Buddhist temples, marvelous palaces, beautiful beaches, exotic wildlife, gorgeous spas and much more. Thailand is very well-known for its unique culture that includes mouth-watering ‘Thai seafood delicacies.’ Thailand is a destination which appeals to every kind of traveler, whether they are hippy chic or craving luxury. And, you can find the ever-appealing budget packages which provide you the best sightseeing, variegated shopping and tasty gourmet.

Another reason which makes Thailand appealing to tourists is that the people are amicable and helpful in all sense. Maybe it is because of the traditional greeting ‘the Wai’, which is when a person bows with their hands held together or because of Thailand’s motto ‘Mai Pen Rai’ which means ‘Don’t worry.’

Thailand has three primary seasons – the dry season, hot season and the monsoon season. The country is flocked with tourists during the dry season because the temperature does not exceed 90-degrees. It is during the hot season the tourists fill the super sunny beaches. During the monsoons, people mostly prefer the northern parts of Thailand because there are chances for the island to get flooded.

There are over 40000 Buddhists temples in Thailand. Travelers will surely find at least one temple on their way to different places across the country. These beautiful structures date back to the dynasties, which ruled Thailand during ancient times. Each one of it reflects the architectural splendor which prevailed in Thailand. Though many cities in Thailand undergoes continues modernization, there are some cities which still hold on to their ancestral roots which include the city of Sukhothai, the ancient ruins preserved during the Siamese Kingdom in 1238.

The festivals are as exciting as their rich culture and history. These festivals are mostly obtained from the religions and lunar calendar and so on. Many travelers plan their vacation near these festivals to attend experience and extract the real essence of the celebrations. One of the famous festivities is Songkran, also known as the water festival.

Another essential feature of Thailand is its markets. You can never find such an incredible market in the world such as the Thai markets. Each of its markets has its own peculiarities, from the things they sell to the crowds they attract.

Thailand is also home to exotic wildlife. Khao Yai National Park is situated in Central Thailand. Along the South of Thailand, there are so many beaches filled with naughty monkeys. The Monkey Beach in ‘Koh Phi Phi’ is a famous monkey hotspot. Do not forget that feeding these animals is not allowed! Also, clearing down these tourist spots, which will abuse animal protection is punishable.

Thailand is a land of manners and etiquettes; a land of relaxation and wildness, friendliness and godliness, a land of happiness and not to forget the country is the land of ‘smiles’.


Expedia Hotels, Cruise Packages, and Air Fares Are Always Affordable and Inexpensive

Expedia is really impressive with its booking options, low rates, and extensive listing of packages. This website is a great tool for making affordable and easy travel arrangements. While there are other online travel agencies, none offer as much as Expedia. Hotels, airfare, cruises, car rentals, amusement parks, etc—you can save on everything through the web’s #1 travel agency.

Expedia even offers its own Master Card, and you can receive cash back, free gas, and other incentives every time you use it! Whenever you book something, you can accumulate points that you can ultimately use for free travel. You can always expect top-notch customer support from this travel agency too. There are obviously plenty of reasons why you should book your future travels with Expedia.

Hotels and airliners often offer exclusive deals just through this online travel agency. In fact, Expedia is affiliated with thousands of hotels, airliners, cruise lines, tourism groups, etc. from all around the world, which gives the company the ability to offer great deals that can’t be found anywhere else. The great thing is that this online travel agency is willing to share amazing deals on travel and tourism packages that can be used for vacations and business trips both!

Sometimes you can save even more money than what is offered at the main website by searching the internet for coupons and discount offers that can be used toward Expedia hotels and airliners. Not all such coupons and promotional offers work, however, so make sure you get them from a trustworthy site. Make sure that all the discounts are being accepted when making reservations before you go through with finalizing the order.


India Rajasthan Travels – Must Visit Destinations

India is a beautiful country and globally famous for its great tourism potential. And Rajasthan, the largest state of India, is one of the most popular tourism destinations in the country. Drenched into royal grandeur and rich history, the royal state of Rajasthan attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. Magnificent forts, elegant palaces, beautiful temples, lovely lakes, prosperous museums, wildlife sanctuaries & national parks, desert, rippling sand dunes, splendid havelis, heritage hotels, palace hotels, etc are key attractions of Rajasthan tourism. And it is sure that Rajasthan tourism will never fail to lure on your trip to this royal Indian state.

There are several important cities and tourist places in the state which can be visited on Rajasthan tours and travels. Here is little information about some must visit tourist destinations in the state.

Jaipur – Also known as the Pink City of India, Jaipur is the capital city of the state. It is the first well-planned city and one of the most beautiful cities in country. It is a major tourist destination with lots of attractions. It attracts a large gathering of tourists from all over the world. Jantar Mantar (UNESCO World Heritage Site declared in 2010), Hawa Mahal (the Palace of Winds), City Palace Complex, Albert Hall Museum, Birla Temple, Amber Fort, Jal Mahal, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, etc are major attractions in Jaipur you will love to visit and explore. Accommodation facilities in this city are excellent with availability of good number of good hotels.

Jaisalmer – Jaisalmer is a wonderful tourist place in the state which is situated in the middle of the vast Thar Desert. Also known as the Golden City of India, this city is one of the most visited tourist places on India Rajasthan travels and tours. Golden Fort (Sonar Kila), Jain Temples, Merchant Havelis, Desert National Park, Camel Safari, Sand Dunes, etc are attractions of Jaisalmer city tours. Accommodation facilities in this city are excellent with availability of good number of good hotels.

Jodhpur – Also known as the Blue City, Jodhpur is the second largest city of Rajasthan after Jaipur. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations on exciting package tours to Rajasthan. Mehrangarh Fort, Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jaswant Thada Memorial, Balsamand Lake & Palace, Mandore Gardens, etc are attractions of the city. Accommodation facilities in this city are excellent with availability of good number of good hotels.

Udaipur – Also known as White City or City of Lakes, Udaipur is a beautiful city in the state. It is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in India. It is one of the most visited tourist destination in Rajasthan appealing tourists from all over the world. City Palace, Lake Palace, Jag Mandir Palace, Monsoon Palace, Devigarh Fort Palace, Fateh Prakash Palace, Pichola Lake, Jagdish Temple, Eklingji Temple, etc are attractions of Udaipur city. Accommodation facilities in this city are excellent with availability of good number of good hotels. Lake Palace and Fatehpur Palace are hotels in Udaipur which are worldwide famous for their royal accommodation facilities.


India Travel – The Heaven of Tourism Enjoyment

India has a rich culture, with many temples, hills and sanctuaries. It is well-known for its majestic tourist places, hills, rivers, plateaus, plains, beaches, deltas and deserts, many luxurious hotels and resorts, picturesque nature sites and whether it is Ajanta Ellora caves or Taj Mahal the love monument which comes under seven wonders of world. From culture to traditions to history to nature to adventure to man-made beauties, It has the most amazing array of travel products and destinations to offer to the tourists throughout the world.

India is also recognized for its festive seasons, it is full of festivals. People have great faith in god. The best thing about India is the diversity in Indian culture and religions. It has approximately 400-500 temples in India with excellent architecture & a story behind each temple. So many religions and so many people, but still people of different religions celebrate festivals with great enthusiasm like they are celebrating their own. If you go and visit these temples in India, you will feel so holistic & nature impression which is unforgettable. Once in India you would privilege yourself for gathering knowledge as to different religious facts and importance of them in ushering in peace in your life.

As you set about visiting each state by state, you will be amazed at the extent of diversity in culture, language, food pattern, lifestyle of each of them. Red Fort, Kutub Minar, The world famous attraction is Agra the city of Taj Mahal another region tourist love is the state Rajasthan for its forts and palace hotels. The state of Kerala is also high on the priority list. India, it shows you the religions of India, which is an important part of India.

There is also some very good wildlife viewing in top class national parks. This wondrous land India is a haven of flora, fauna and avifauna. The legacy of bountiful wild animals includes 550 mammals, 30,000 insects and 2000 species and sub-species of birds, with over 500 species of reptiles and amphibians including the deadly king cobras, pythons, crocodiles and monitor lizards. Due to its diverse topography and varying climatic conditions, India is the second largest country on the planet to have such diverse life forms. A wild life tour to Indian jungle, reach the heights of unlimited excitement, when experience the moments of wilderness with the crawling tigers, trumpeting elephants and the hissing snakes.

Each & every destination of India is so amazing, if you want to get more adventure, trek up the lush green slopes of the Himalayas or go rafting down the rapids of the river Ganges. Holy Temples & religious shrines are also one of the most popular tourist places in India. It delivers you various categories of tourism like history tourism, adventure tourism, medical tourism like Ayurveda and other forms of Indian medications, spiritual tourism, business travels, holiday seekers, beach tourism, etc.


Travel in Turkey

Bosporus Strait is the border between the east and west and the country that is set on its side is an amalgamation of both. Turkey is a temptation for almost every tourist on the planet. You can find the latest western spa here just beside the alluring Asian pavement market. Christian bells matching its pleasing tinkles with holy muezzin and ethnic tints on modern colonies- the Bosporus Land is beyond comparison. It utters saga of some of the most transcend emperorships on the planet including Romans and Ottomans. Apart from historical and cultural abundance, the country is famed among tourists for its natural richness also. Its extensive coastline, high peaks and tranquil lakes are unmatched.

With millions of tourist influx every year, Turkey tourism has set a benchmark in Mediterranean countries. Zones of tourism in Turkey are divided into various regions, which are known as bouquet of some of the most dazzling offerings of Turkey. Its lush terrain and stunning archaeological sites are most sought after. For maximum voyagers, Turkey is the place to witness the unique blend of Asia and Europe where one side of the road is crammed with European colonies while other side is a reflection of true Asian architecture. Istanbul- The capital city of the country is a fascination for explorers who opt for travel in Turkey. The city is divided into two parts by famous ‘Golden Horn’. One part of this city is located in Asia while other is in Europe; these sections are respectively known as ‘Old Section’ and ‘Modern Section’. It is often remarked as ‘Imperial Istanbul’.

The city is an assortment of natural splendor, historical attraction and wonderful architecture. Serpentine column, Walls of Constantinople, Galata Tower and Hagia Sofia are some of the gorgeous erections, which enlighten the bygone magnificence of the city.

Istanbul is tempting you too, what are you waiting for. Just get your package book for tours in Turkey. If you are finding Turkey Tour Packages a difficult deal then checkout various websites, which offer the best deal in Turkey tourism. These ‘Turkey Travel Guides’ will let you get almost every important information to make your travel a delighted experience.

Getting There-

Istanbul has two international airports on its both sides, which are connected via Bosporus Link.

Accommodation in Turkey-

The Mediterranean country sees an arrival millions of voyagers every year from all around the globe. To accommodate them there are numerous hotels in Turkey. These Turkey hotels are available in almost every range, depends on your choice.


Travel Expert Reviews Resorts 360 Vacation Club Scam Complaints

Another multi-level marketing (MLM) program has launched. It’s called the Resorts 360 Vacation club and bloggers were quick to label it a possible scam. Resorts 360 launches on the heals of major troubles at another travel MLM called YTB Travel, when California Attorney General Edmund Brown sued them for “operating a giant pyramid scheme”.

Travel and tourism generates over $7 trillion a year. It’s not surprising that entrepreneurs working from home want to tap into those profits. Some of the programs have been all-out scams. They’ve charged people thousands of dollars and delivered little or nothing when the actual value of the so-called products was analyzed. Not all home based travel business opportunities are scams, some actually offer retail products with real value in the travel marketplace.

Now that Resorts 360 has launched, many are asking if the program is another MLM scam or a real business. That’s a fair question.

Without a doubt, there are some problems with the Resorts 360 Vacation club, but is it a scam? While the MLM company does deliver an actual product, the Vacation Club membership they sell falls short when compared to the memberships provided by competitors in the home based business arena. The Resorts 360 program offers access to fewer resorts and members pay more money for week-long condo vacations than with their competitors. It doesn’t make it a scam, but it does put those hoping to make money marketing Resorts 360 at a disadvantage.

Resorts 360 members get access to about 4000 resorts while one competitor says they have over 5000 and another advertises well over 5400 resorts. Members of the Resorts 360 Vacation Club are offered condo vacation weeks starting at $399. That’s about $100 more than one competitor and $250 more than another. A member taking just two vacation weeks per year can spend an additional $500 a year with the new MLM vacation club. Over a ten year period, that’s $5000 more.

With fewer choices and more expensive vacation weeks, you might think Resorts 360 could, at least, claim a price advantage in the marketplace, but that’s not the case. While their competitors sell memberships with lifetime benefits (100 years}, the longest membership available through Resorts 360 is just one year.

Over a ten year period, vacation club benefits with Resorts 360 would cost $2639 if they are renewed each year at the current price and a whopping $5616 if paid at the current monthly rate. Lifetime memberships with their competition cost $2995 and $1998. That means that for $641 less, consumers can have access to over 1400 more resorts, save $250 each on their lower condo vacation prices, and still have another 90 years of membership benefits to enjoy or sell and transfer to someone else.

Providing an inferior product and charging higher prices does not make the Resorts 360 Vacation Club a scam. Just like with any other purchase, the buyer must beware and compare their options.

While product is product, many people simply buy whatever the product is to get started with a home based travel business and hope to start making money from home. The question is, can those hopeful internet millionaires actually make money with Resorts 360?

Those looking to make money from home should not pay much attention to Resorts 360. Marketing experts say the disadvantages they face with their product will all but eliminate attracting their target retail market of travelers. Their higher prices will definitely not win over those who take the time to shop around. Maximum commissions earned are just $200 compared with both competitors who pay $1000.

Resorts 360 promises residual income as memberships are renewed and payments come in for the monthly programs. That seems very unlikely, however. With other MLM programs that require people to renew, over 95% of the members drop out and don’t renew. That’s because those people joined only to make money and when they don’t see profits, they move on.

As you can imagine, it could be very difficult to actually turn a profit with Resorts 360. It costs about the same marketing money to earn $200 profits as it does to get the $1000 profits. Some sales will be made, but how many marketing dollars will be spent to earn the low commissions? If it costs a member more than $40 to get someone to buy, that could put that member in the red and they can’t plan on making that up on renewals or MLM passive commissions either. A new member will probably have to sign up over 100 people, just to get about five who actively work the business and make some profit.

While Resorts 360 is not an all-out scam, it is obvious that they have painted a much rosier picture than MLM history would suggest. Those looking for a quality vacation club membership will find more benefits and more robust memberships else ware. Those looking for a home based business will also find better options with better vacation clubs and larger commissions. One competitor accepts credit cards for their lifetime membership and even offers payment plans with just $198 to start.


5 Tourism Specialties Of Taiwan

Taiwan, located in East Asia, is one of the most industrialized and economically prosperous regions in South East Asia. Officially known as Republic of China, it is the global leader in technology. It also represents the advancement in healthcare, education, human development, cultural abundance in South Asia. No wonder that millions of tourists visit Taiwan every year to savor its richness. Read on to find 5 tourism specialties of Taiwan.

1. Taipei 101

Before the Burj Khalifa in Dubai Taiwan hosted the tallest tower in the world. Known as Taipei 101, this particular tower boast of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Platinum certification. It is often viewed as a symbol of confluence between technological evolution and Asian tradition. No tour to Taiwan is complete without a visit to Taipei 101. Taiwan tour packages given by established tour operators ensure that you get a glimpse of this architectural marvel. You can also compare it to the Eiffel tower of Asia.

2. Speed Rails

Travelling from one part of the Taiwan to another is fast and convenient with the help of speed metro rails. You never have to worry about congested traffic and road problems. The metros are super fast, often exceeding speeds of 300km/hour and are very punctual. It is a transport experience to be enjoyed. Often the major problem facing tourists visiting various tourist destinations has been the lack of proper transport infrastructure. But Taiwan is an exception. Speed metro rails help Taiwan maintain its tourism friendly approach.

3. Bunun dance

Every country has its traditional dance. The traditional dance of Taiwanese people is the bunun dance. It originated for the native Taiwanese aborigines,famous for their polyphonic vocal music. Their dance is a symbol of cultural independence. Taiwan Holiday Packages supplied by reputed tour operators gives tourists an opportunity to experience its great cultural phenomenon.

4. National concert hall and museum

The main cultural spot in Taiwan is the national concert hall that stages Taiwanese orchestras, art galleries and theater. Taiwanese cultural riches stem from the fact that it combines Taiwanese culture with Chinese culture. This result is cultural dualism. The cultural museum is world famous as it is host to more than 650,000 pieces of Chinese artifacts; include painting, bronze and the famous jade stone. The museum is often regarded as the greatest collective museum of Chinese art culture.

5. Cuisine

Taiwanese cuisines are very famous for its varieties. They are different from other cuisines in the fact that they have seven different variations. The main delicacies include pork geng, Fenchihu and nantou. Holiday Packages to Taiwan is never complete without a taste of majestic Taiwanese cuisines.

Book your tour to Taiwan now to experience its culture in its entire splendor. It is not without reason that tourists who visits Taiwan return home very satisfied.