Hainan Travel Booths Attracted 80,000 Visits in China International Tourism Fair – Sanya Tour

Hainan Booths Attracted 80,000 Visits in China International Tourism Fair (Shanghai).

The 4 days China International Tourism Fair 2008 closed on November 24th in Shanghai. Hainan’s booths characteristic of plentiful tropical elements attracted a total of 80,000 people. Some of the Hainan Tourism enterprises participating the fair got booming business.

During those two fair days open to public, Shanghai citizens and tourists collect tourism catalogues, brochures and interested travel information for home and abroad tours. According to incomplete statistics, by the close of trade fair, Hainan’s dozens corporate exhibitors given out of totally 25 million copies of the travel information to businessmen, buyers, as well as tourists. 280 potential travel contracts are signed, covering 600,000 tourists. One of the Hainan exhibitor Pearl River International Travel Service and Chenda International Travel Service signed the tourism contract with the Russian enterprises, the contracted potential groups number reaches tens of thousands of people; Hainan Kang Tai International Travel Service’s signed contract involves a number of 5 million potential domestic tourists.

The Hainan Provincial Tourism Administration was awarded the “the Best Booth Award” and “Award for Outstanding Organization” in the trade fair summary meeting in the afternoon.

From the current trade situation, Hainan tourism resources’ development has two obvious trends: First, pay more attention to the depth development of tourist resources, enhance the tourism-oriented product brand of characteristics. For example, turned the tourism resources into the “eco-tourism.” Second, take full advantage of the increasingly mature tourism resources in Hainan Province like those in Sanya, Haikou and so on; and attractions such as hot springs, Hainan fish treatment, Sea View line, golf tours, and so on.