Luxury Holidays in India Offering Unique Cultural Interactions

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India is fast climbing up the ladder as a favored global destination for travel and tourism. The major drivers of growth when it comes to tours to India have always been the history, heritage, culture, Ayurveda and Yoga. Whereas in the recent past the exotic appeal of the India drew the travelers from around the world to this incredible country, India as a one of the favored luxury holiday destination is a recent phenomenon.
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Opening up of the economy and subsequent development led to the India’s rise in global economy. When it comes to travel and tourism industries, the effects of liberalization is now visible in the world class infrastructure, development of tourist destinations and presence of the renowned players in global hospitality industry. If the recently studies are anything to go by, luxury holidays in India is one of the fastest growing travel segment.
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Luxury holidays nowadays have become synonymous with creating exclusive experiences at the destinations. There is a huge demand for unique cultural experiences among the new generation of tourists and what better destination to offer these insider experiences to the global nomads than “incredible India”.
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The cradle of the Indus Valley Civilization, India’s cultural heritage is unparalleled. To tap into the vast potential of this allure among the overseas tourists, the players in Indian travel industry have come up with a range of exclusive tour packages. Luxury holiday packages in India are an eclectic mélange of the unique cultural experience which blends seamlessly with the modern India milieu and gracious hospitality.
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Of the many options available for luxury holiday in India, the luxury train tours are fast catching up the attention of the connoisseurs of the luxury travel industry as well as affluent tourists from around the world. The history of luxury train traveling in India began with the introduction of Palace on Wheels in 1982. After its resounding success more luxury trains followed. The crescendo of the luxury tourist train in India was reached with the introduction of the Maharajas Express.
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Launched in 2010, Maharajas Express was touted to be the India’s answer to the Orient Express of the West. The train won accolade and hearts of the connoisseurs of luxury travel across the globe. With its state of the art amenities and 5 pan-Indian itineraries, it is considered to one of the most luxurious trains in the world.
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Besides luxury trains, there are an assortment of options to choose from for planning an unforgettable vacation in India. Rajasthan is the favored destination when it comes to cultural interactions and glimpses of royal India. The land of the former Rajput warrior princes, Rajasthan has much more to offer than just forts, palaces and desert sand dunes. From painted havelis to the heritage hotels offering authentic experiences of royal living to the colorful bazaar speckled with artifacts and handicrafts, the activities to indulge in could confound even a fussy traveler in Rajasthan.
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An important aspect of the luxury holiday in India – be it Rajasthan, Kerala or Goa – especially when it is arranged for by players of travel and hospitality industry is the exclusive experiences. Creating insider experiences that range from pre-packaged, off-the-beaten-track tours with local guides, to customized outings and self-guided tours with the input of the concierge staff are highly popular among the overseas tourists.
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Adding to the vast repertoire of luxury tour packages in India is the everlasting appeal of the ancient art of Indian healing system Ayurveda and Vedanta. Kerala is the hub for Ayurveda tours in India with home to several award winning Ayurvedic resorts. Ananda in Himalaya is another globally renowned destination offering an array of therapeutic massages and beauty treatment to the guests in a pristine locale. Set atop Himalaya overlooking the holy Ganges near yoga center Rishikesh, Ananda in Himalaya offers a truly blissful and rejuvenating stay to the guests looking for luxury and wellness.
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Another major luxury holiday destination in India and probably the most acclaimed global beach destination in India is the tiny emerald of Goa. The unruffled ambience and the unique stupor weaving ‘susegad’ while staying in the pampering of world-class resorts are seldom found anywhere else in India.
Luxury holidays in India offer you an opportunity to discover the nature, culture and royalty of this golden sparrow of medieval times. Whether it’s about staying in the some of the most spectacular destinations of India or travelling in royal tourist trains, the common feature that all tourists come across is the unparallel opulence and pampering.


Magnificent Travel Destinations on the South American Continent

If you are interested in adding new intriguing and exciting destinations to your travel itinerary, don’t miss the opportunity to spend your holiday in South America. By choosing to travel to this magnificent continent, you will have the chance to discover remarkable cultures and civilizations with a great history behind them, driven by the temperamental but also very welcoming Latin spirit. Some of the most prominent and important countries in South America, representing true symbols for the South American continent, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and Panama have a very well-developed potential for tourism, attracting overwhelmingly large numbers of tourists each year.

These magnificent countries have known great progress and development in the last few decades, despite their struggled historical past, dominated by political conflicts and interests. Nowadays, these splendid countries on the South American continent are among the most requested holiday destinations, enchanting visitors with a wide variety of tourist sites and resorts, both old and modern remarkable architectonic structures, large and imposing metropolitan areas, all revealing the ingenious, innovative and hard-working character of their inhabitants.

The remarkable economic achievements of these major countries in South America are direct proportional with their high potential for tourism. Thanks to their great history, culture, music, as well as the amazing beauty of their urban and rural establishments, and not to mention their accomplishments regarding the much-treasured Latin passion – football, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Panama have become extremely popular worldwide. Their continuously increasing popularity has determined a pronounced development of their tourism, drawing millions of tourists towards their borders.

If you decide to travel to Brazil, you will be amazed by the staggering beauty of this great South American country. Among the most requested Brazil travel destinations are its capital, Brasilia, and major cities such as Sao Paulo, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. Famous for its majestic carnivals, magnificent natural resorts, tropical climate and the exuberance of its inhabitants, Brazil is a highly requested holiday destination. Renowned as an important center for tourism of the South American continent, Brazil attracts overwhelmingly large numbers of visitors each year. Brazil has a well-developed and extended network of airports, air travel facilitating the visiting tourists’ access to major cities and various other locations between or beyond the borders of the country. Thanks to modern infrastructure and the variety of airports present here, flights to Brazil are the quick and comfortable way of traveling to this intriguing region of South America.

Similar to Brazil, Argentina is also a major center for tourism in South America. The most popular Argentina travel destinations are its capital – Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata – the main tourist resort situated on the Atlantic Coast, La Plata, Santa Fe, Santa Cruz, Cordoba, Mendoza and San Juan. Combining the Latin mentality with European cultural influences, Argentina is a welcoming country for anyone who wishes to discover new interesting locations. Thanks to the well developed network of airports present here, the best way to travel around the country is by air. Apart from being very comfortable, Argentina flights have the benefit of being inexpensive as well. Travel to Argentina and you are guaranteed to have the time of your life!

Although they are much smaller in size than Brazil and Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela and Panama are also important tourist centers of the South American continent. Vacations in Colombia, Venezuela and Panama are exciting and intriguing experiences for both regular travelers and occasional visitors. The most requested Colombia travel destinations are Bogotá, Cartagena, Cali, Villa de Leiva, San Augustin and San Andres. Among the most desired Venezuela travel destinations are Caracas, Puerto la Cruz, Isla Margarita, Isla El Grand Roque, Isla La Tortuga, Merida and Puerto Ayacucho. Popular Panama travel destinations are Panama City, Bocas del Toro, Boquete, Isla Contadora, Guadalupe, Isla Bastimentos, Isla Taboga and Almirante.

Whether you decide to visit these countries for the beauty of their tropical landscapes, shores and beaches, for their ancient cultural resorts and the variety of historical tourist sites or simply to interact with the exuberating, welcoming locals, spending your vacations on the Latin American continent is definitely a remarkable and unforgettable experience!


Travel Beyond India With Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka is an amazing island which is replete with appealing charm. Every other tourist destination has some fascinating features like history, heritage, and cultural attractions etc. but Sri Lanka comprises all of such attractions in abundance. Words and images cannot justify the grandeur that this island comprises within its territory and beyond. I have been to islands before but haven’t come across anything more tempting than Sri Lanka. The place is incredibly enriched with nature’s bounty. The natural beauty gets doubled up with amiable ambiance and divine vicinity. It is rightly called ‘The Nation of Smiling People’ as when you visit the place it will take no time for you to realize that you are smiling all the way through. It spreads smile via its unparallel charm.

It is quite hard for travelers like us to explore all of the fascinating destinations of Sri Lanka at once as this island is merger of a lot of interesting places. When you land on this island, you would wish to visit all of them, just like us. But it is advisable to choose a Sri Lanka tour package which includes the most prominent destinations. To make it an easy task, we are going to provide some brief information about the eminent destination which you could include in your itinerary.

Colombo is a paradise city in the island not only because it houses incredible travelling options but also because it stands as the national capital. The city is fascinatingly adorned with appealing attractions. Apart from the glorious splendor of nature, the city is embellished with historic monuments like Fort Clock Tower, Independence Hall Dutch Period Museum, etc. The Old Fort is the heritage marvel that stands as the proud landmark to the island. It is also famous as the Colombo. Other attractions of this splendid city include Dehiwala Zoo, Mt Lavinia Beach, and some scenic natural wonders.

Hikkaduwa is another fascinating city of the island which stands at an exotic setting along the south coast of Sri Lanka. It is a delight for water birds. One can explore marine life at its best with the glorious beaches of Hikkaduwa. Water sports and activities are another attraction of the city.

Kandy is the heritage capital which houses the imperial glory of the bygone era. Kandy beautifies its terrain with the sprawling tea gardens of Sri Lanka. It is because of these emerald tea estates that Sri Lanka is known as the world’s largest tea exporters.

Sinharaja National Forest reserve is internationally famous for inhabiting the exotic and enchanting wildlife of the island. Galle is the city which houses the exciting tourist destinations like The Peace Pagoda, Galle Fort, Seenigama Temple, Kalutara Temple, etc. Arugambay, Adam’s Peak, Bentota, Batticaloa, Beruwela, Dambulla, etc. are some other destinations to look out for in your Sri Lanka vacations.


The Poor End of Town – Tourism to the Third World


Taking a holiday in a third world country is one of the biggest ‘trends’ in tourism today. Consider for example the boom in tourism to Cambodia; for many the epitome of poverty, strife and corruption. By 2007 the number of visitors to Cambodia annually will have risen by 1200% in just 10 years. Such interest brings the benefits of employment, revenue and foreign capital investment. Importantly, perhaps most importantly in an increasingly factious world, such international travel introduces and educates one people to another’s culture and attitudes. Unfortunately the benefits of international tourism only filter down so far. Despite all this activity the ‘poor end of town’ the world over still looks like it always did.

An interview between Andrew Booth, co-founder of Sage Insights Cambodia, and Nola Hersey, an independent journalist from Australia

– So of all the world’s problems why pick on this one?

This problem of extreme poverty in countries attracting mass tourism seems to me to be both largely overlooked and solvable. Open a magazine like TIME. Read a serious newspaper. Watch the television news. We often see scenes of distraught and hungry people living in parched and unattractive lands: lands with few natural resources and little that the world values. Equally disturbing though perhaps more unforgivable is poverty in lands so attractive; so rich in history, culture and natural beauty, that they attract millions of people from halfway around the world for vacations. These places have valuable assets. Assets owned by everyone who calls the land their home. Yet a large section of society misses out completely on the benefits these assets can bring.

– But surely international tourism to the third world brings benefits?

Sure! Huge benefits. But my question is “Who benefits?” or more pertinently, “Who doesn’t benefit?” Whatever it is of value that draws international interest to such a country, the assets; the ‘family silver’ of the country; is not owned by the investors in tourist hotels. Neither is it owned by the travel agents, the souvenir manufacturers, the tour guides or even the government of the day. It belongs to each and every person that calls the country ‘home’ and by all who ever will.

Of course the big idea is that governments manage the assets on everyone’s behalf. Through taxes imposed on the tourist industry and on increased economic activity they redistribute a share of the income; the ‘gate receipts to the event’, to its citizens. Unfortunately a common trait of third world countries is the lack of an accountable and transparent bureaucracy. The result: The weakest in society, those ‘without a voice’ get no benefit from international tourism attracted by their assets, their heritage.

– Are you suggesting that hotels shouldn’t profit from tourists in poor countries?

They must profit. Local and International investors in tourist infrastructure; the hotel groups and travel companies derive a great benefit from exploiting another country’s assets and so they should! These investors are motivated by a financial return. They are in the business of risking their investors’ capital to develop such opportunities. I also recognise that the local economies receive a great boost from such investment. Many jobs are created for local people through international tourism. New hotels need builders, cleaners, gardeners, guards, cooks and clerks.

– So where is the problem?

My point is not that local people don’t benefit. Rather it is that ALL the citizens of a country should benefit from an international interest in their common heritage. There remains a large group of people, especially in third world countries, who are completely disenfranchised from the benefits arising out of the richness of their own heritage.

Try to imagine a country which virtually overnight lost its entire professional class. How quickly would your own country recover from an elimination of virtually all lawyers, law enforcement personnel, bureaucrats, central and local politicians? You laugh. It’s easy to joke that there would be a huge improvement but the truth is that without the ‘rule of law’ the law of the jungle quickly asserts itself. The spoils gravitate to the strong and knowledgeable, a little is distributed to those of use and nothing at all to the weak

– For Example?

Cambodia has had more than its fair share of troubles from which it is bravely clawing its way back. The horrors of the Khmer Rouge rule in the 1970’s deprived the country of its entire professional class. A country does not recover from this overnight. Meanwhile there is an opportunity for some. As a recent USAID assessment of corruption in Cambodia noted “the unfortunate reality is that corruption has become part of everyday life in Cambodia, that in fact it has reached ‘pandemic’ proportions”. The law of the Jungle has come home to roost and despite the efforts of the government it is a difficult pattern to break. When the consensus is that everyone is ‘on the take’ the system becomes self sustaining.

So suddenly we have a boom in tourism from which the neediest in society are unlikely to benefit at all. Actually it’s somewhat worse than that. Booms in activity bring inflation. International travellers in third world countries strain precious resources and push up the prices for local commodities. The fresh fish that used to be affordable in the market suddenly all disappears up the road to fill the contract with the new hotel.

– Do you see a way of giving some benefits back to everyone?

In Cambodia I have helped found a venture called Sage Insights. Sage profits from the international tourist interest in Cambodia supports the neediest children in society. We are giving the neediest children of Cambodia an interest in their own heritage. Not just in the sense of the benefits of an ownership but also a curiosity and motivation to preserve their heritage.

– And your investors: How do they get a return?

There are no investors. All the benefits of Sage Insights go to house, feed and educate local street children, orphans and those from families so poor that they have no opportunities. The local employees benefit of course from a decent and steady income. As full time employees in quieter periods they are encouraged to research and learn more about their country and heritage to enable a responsive and ever improved service.

This is no compromise of ethical tourism versus a great service for the tourist; they experience the very best of Cambodia with a reliable and considerate local guide. All services are tailor made and there’s a 24/7 personal travel assistant to help with all matters in a sometimes confusing and difficult country. Even the quality hotels and international travel agents benefit; they have a partner they can trust to care for their customers in Cambodia; a partner who does everything possible to encourage visitors to return.

– To summarize, what are your hopes for the project?

I hope that as the project grows in scale and profile our competitors will find themselves adopting our standards and ethics. Over time the disenfranchised will be reconnected with the value of their own heritage.


Significance of Tourism and Recreation Classifieds for Travel Interested Individuals on This Date

Travelling is a very noble attribute that authentically supports all the expression of fun and amusement that interested individuals care to undertake on a destined time slot round the year. This is one such aspect that has also found its impression as well as impact in the list of that tourism and recreation classifieds that are found on the World Wide Web paradigm to help those desperate online business minded individuals for sure. The essence that is found in making a plan on friendly travel or an official trip can never fade with time or will get wiped off the pages of a memoir. This is what can be found as aptly treasured in the tourism and recreation classifieds where the online moderators are not lagging behind to put their best information embedded within a website.

A travel or a journey hold utmost priceless emotions especially of those friends and families that are making it come alive after squeezing a little time from their hectic schedules any date round a year. Such burning yet delicate aspects are well understood by the website owners where information on tourism and recreation classifieds that holds the significance of the mentioned trait. In addition to these; it is not that adults or the aged section of the society are shown their insatiable curiosities and desperate desires for tourism and recreation classifieds on this date. But the numbers after the statistical values can offer to any survey conductor can leave him or her in utter dumb struck situation as even the teenagers have come up with similar zeal and hope for the same in their favorite tic of the clock pulse.

There a lot of website on the World Wide Web today; where millions of tourism and recreation classifieds are found to be shining with those hunted information as well as resources that a likeminded individual care to find out by getting online in their destined time slot. This is because the concept of travel has unsclable impression not just in the mind of those interested and enthusiastic individuals but also for the moderators that are putting the best updated resources on the same quite comprehensibly.

This is fact which can be termed as new but can be found valid and authenticated since the days of yore but although since the advent of tourism and recreation classifieds; the entire facet has taken a new revolution counting on the expressions that can be read clean and clear on the glittering eyes of those travelers that start almost celebrating just with glimpse of a plan to make a travel to some destination that bears historical importance. Irrespective of age and duration this mentioned aspect can never fall short in creating a positive delight in the heart of those tourist and travelers that relish every experience in their recollecting memories.


40,000 Tourist Workers Needed in New Zealand

40,000 tourism workers needed in New Zealand

40,000 tourism workers are needed in New Zealand within the next five years according to a New Zealand newspaper report. This is because the tourist industry has grown so rapidly that the country has had to spend millions to cater for the tourist traffic. Many of the smaller tourist hotspots with their limited infrastructure have struggled to cope with the tourism numbers due to the small number of rate payers in their area. Franz Josef Glacier, Fox Glacier, and Lake Tekapo are just tree of these areas but that is not the only problem facing these areas.

Finding the right staff has been a problem in the tourism industry during the last few years and is likely to be worse as tourism numbers grow. In areas such as the Glacier region in South Westland, employers hire traveller’s on work visas and migrants but the problem seems to be that they are working during the tourist season which begins in late October and ends sometime in April when their employment ends due to a lack of work. They move on and then the problem of finding staff for the following season begins and the process continues year after year.

Part of the solution seems to be to train those who are permanent residents in the region so that at least there are people ready to hire at short notice. However this is dependent on those employer’s taking responsibility for the training of staff and not having to rely on New Zealand Immigration to find staff.

At a time when the government is trying to find jobs for the unemployed, it is the responsibility of businesses to do their bit for the country and hire New Zealanders when jobs become available because after all, they expect the government to spend a lot of money on roading and infrastructure in their part of the country.

Rogue employers have given New Zealand employers a bad name in recent years with a number of cases where migrants have been paid slave wages and denied their basic employment rights. It is important to take advice from locals if something does not seem right.

The main tourist areas in the South Island of New Zealand are Queenstown, Wanaka, Lake Tekapo, Franz Josef Glacier, Fox Glacier, and Kaikoura.

Hanmer Springs, Punakaiki, Kaiteriteri, and Mount Cook are other tourist villages in the South Island.

It is expected though that at least a third of the tourist jobs will be in Auckland and this could pose a problem because of the high cost of living in New Zealand’s largest city and the minimal wages in the hospitality industry.

The advantage of working in some of the tourist villages is the low cost accommodation provided by many employers along with the free meals but this varies between employers. Some employer’s charge for meals while others do not. This all helps you to save some money for your next plans but that does not mean that everyone in the industry will move on once the tourist season is over as many will work on through the quiet season.


Tours in Kerala – Top Five Tourist Destinations

Also known as the “God’s Own Country”, Kerala is one of the most charming states in India situated on the southern tip of the country along side the azure Arabian Sea. The charm of travel and tours in Kerala lingers in your mind forever with breathtaking beaches, beautiful backwaters, lovely lakes, verdant hill stations, plush green landscapes, lush green paddy fields, historical monuments & sites, and copious nature beauty. There are many exotic tourist places in the state which can be visited, explore and enjoyed on you travel and tours in this exotic tourist destination of India.

In this article I giving brief information about some of interesting tourist places of the state which you will love to visit and explore on your tours and travel in God’s Own Country.

01. Trivandrum: It is an ancient city and the capital of Kerala. With its rich history & culture and many attractions of tourist interest it is one of the most visited tourist spots in the state. It is also gateway to visit some of the other hot spots of the state like Kovalam Beach, Varkala Beach, Ponmudi Hill Station, etc. Some of worth visit attractions of Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Travancore Building, Kowdiar Palace, Vizhinjam Port site, Double Decker Buses, Gandhi Park in East Fort, Kerala University, Trivandrum Museum & Observatory, Sri Chitra Art Gallery, Backwater sites, etc.

02. Kochi: Also known as Cochin, it is a historical city and very interesting tourist place in Kerala. It is popular among tourists with its beaches, backwaters, Portuguese buildings, temples and forts & palaces. Some important places of tourist interest in the city of Kochi are backwaters, Marine Drive, Fort Kochi, Mattancherry Dutch Palace, Jewish Synagogue, Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica, Bolgatty Palace, Willingdon Island, St Francis Church, Pallipuram Fort, Spice Market, Chinese Fishing Nets, etc. A visit to Kochi will be one of the most exciting experiences of your travel and tourism in Kerala, South India.

03. Alleppey: Also known as Alappuzha, it is a globally famous backwater & beach destination in the state. It predominantly famous for its exotic backwater tourism which can be best experience by a well organized houseboat cruise floating over serene & scenic waterways. It is fondly described as the Venice of the East.

04. Munnar: Munnar is a popular and beautiful hill station in the state known for copious nature beauty in the forms of lush tea plantations, spice plantations and lush landscapes. It is place for spending holiday in the lap of nature. It is a very popular destination for a romantic honeymoon in Kerala, God’s Own Country.

05. Thekkady: It is wonderful place to visit in Kerala with spice plantation, tea plantation, rubber plantation, copious nature beauty and Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. The place is very famous for its rich flora and fauna. And it can be a very fascinating & interesting destination of your Kerala tour and travels.

Besides these there are many more tourist destinations in the state which can be visited on your travel and tours in Kerala. Some other worth visit tourist spots in the state are Kovalam, Varkala, Kumarakom, Kozhikode, Kollam, Thiruvallam, Wagamon, Wayanad, Kasargod, Thrissur, Kannur, Palakkad, etc.


Useful Travel Tips About Seasons And Weather in Langkawi

Langkawi has the same type of climate as Thailand. It is known as a tropical monsoon climate. It can sometimes also be labeled as a “tropical wet climate” although that’s not always the case year round. It’s paradise climate makes Langkawi a great place to visit, but it’s wise to learn about the different types of weather before booking that perfect vacation.

For those that are accustomed to the usual four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter, Thailand may seem like a different planet! Its summers and winters may seem backward although It is usually warm all year round with temperatures ranging from an average of 27 degrees Celsius (81°F) during the coldest month of July to about 29 (81°F) during the hottest month of February.

With that said, rather than traditional seasons, Langkawi experiences only a wet season and a dry season. In terms of traveling, these are known as the low season and the high season respectively. This is because many tourists only prefer to visit during the dry season as to avoid the rain and possible monsoons.

Dry Season (high season):

November through March is the busiest time. During this time, Langkawi experiences the most traffic.

Following the heavy rains of the wet season, the plant life thrives creating beautiful sights.

Due to the high influx of visitors, many of the prices are raised to compete with demand.

Wet Season (low season):

July to October is when the Langkawi tourism business slows

The rain varies in levels of intensity. Sometimes intense flooding is possible.

On many occasions, the rain doesn’t last long but is very strong

During this time, boat travel is not always available

For those looking to hire a Koh Lipe ferry to Langkawi, it may still be possible to do during the wet season as long as the travel plans are made to be flexible. However, traveling by ferry from Langkawi to Phuket or even hiring a Langkawi to Krabi ferry is not recommended during the wet season.

During the dry season, it’s extremely common to find a ferry between these popular travel destinations. In fact, it is the preferred way to travel as many places in and around Thailand are too small to have their own airport.

In either season, wet or dry, it is usually possible to hire a ferry to KohLipe to Langkawi and vice versa without any problem. They offer very competitive pricing and have experience in transporting tourists and locals alike from island to island. There are also speed boats available as well for those looking for a faster ride.

It is important to choose the time of year carefully to get the best experience in Langkawi. Of course it all depends on of the preferences of each and every traveler, but usually, a vacationer wouldn’t want to spend their getaway avoiding a flood! On the other hand, some may be adventurous and find exactly what they’re looking for no matter the weather!


Traveling Through Europe With Style – A Trendy European Hotel for Every Destination

If you’re planning a trip around Europe, you most likely want to soak in as much of the culture as possible. No doubt you’ve got a long list of things you’d like to do and see upon your travels, but don’t overlook your hotel stay as an important cultural experience. In every European city, there are a few hotel gems that truly capture the nuances of the city and make for a more culturally rich experience. We’ve searched though thousands of hotels, poured through visitor comments, and finally compiled a list of unique, stylistic European hotels that are certain to enhance the quality of your travel adventure.

London hotels

London is the epitome of hip and cool and so are the eclectic rooms at the Pavilion hotel created by a former fashion model and his sister who were bored with bland hotels. Each room has its own funky fresh style like the ‘Green with Envy’ room decked out in a collection of green objects, the ‘Honky Tonk Afro’ room dedicated to London’s carefree 70’s era, and 28 more interesting rooms that are worth writing home about.

Amsterdam hotels

One of the most beautiful and well-known sites in Amsterdam is the canal that runs through the city. Lined with trees and classic architecture along the street side and a slew of gorgeous boats docked and bobbing in the water, the canal is the heart of Amsterdam. What lots of people don’t realize is that many of these attractive houseboats are actually floating hotels for rent. Do a Google search for Amsterdam houseboats and you’ll discover a variety of interestingly decorated and designed houseboats for rent.

Germany hotels

If you’re going through Germany, you’ve got to stay in a castle! Because they were built for seclusion, staying in a castle like the Hotel Viktoria Luise may be a bit off the beaten tourist path, but offers a peaceful break where you can relax in kingly style to gear up for the rest of your vacation.

Paris hotels

Paris is rich with history, magnificent art, and architectural glory, and it seems only fitting that your hotel should mirror these traits. The Hotel Saint-Merry, a once Parisian church now turned boutique hotel, is rich with the cultural style that is Paris. Traditional hand carved wood sculptures line the lobby and rooms are finely decorated with lavish embellishments.

Rome hotels

When in Rome… you owe it to yourself to immerse yourself in the decadence of the ancient Roman culture. Located near the historic coliseum, the Inn at the Roman Forum is pulls out all the stops. This lavish hotel combines traces of ancient Rome combined with luxurious modern comforts.

Sevilla hotels

The gorgeously landscaped Hotel La Boticaria is a treat to stay at and rich with Spanish-style charm. The hotel is designed with a courtyard in the center, immaculate landscaping, and classic Spanish architecture. Located about 20 miles outside of Sevilla, you’ll need a car to get around, but the more remote location offers the peaceful elegance that is indicative of Spain vacation.

When you’re traveling, consider your hotel room as an important part of your overall cultural experience. A Ramada or a Hilton feel just about the same wherever you go in the world, but a carefully chosen hotel that embraces the style and personality of the culture makes for a more fulfilling overall experience.


India Travel – Adventure Tour

India is one of the most preferred destinations in the world for adventure tours and tourism. It attracts adventure enthusiasts and travellers through out the world with a plethora of adventure sport activities from trekking in the bone breaking icy white expanse of the majestic Himalayas to white water rafting in the chatty & enchanting waters of Ganga & its tributaries and exciting wildlife jeep safaris in dense forests of national parks to thrilling camel safaris in the endless expanses of great Indian desert called the Thar Desert. An India trip provides you a cherished time of bumpy trekking in most peaceful surroundings. Nowadays trekking tours in India are getting their fame rapidly among adventure enthusiasts and trekkers from all over the world. Trekking in this beautiful country provides travellers maximum excitement and many options to explore into the contributions of fascinating Indian landscapes.

The most popular place for trekking tours in this country is Himalayas – the highest mountain range of the world. In fact, it is the best for trekking and some of other adventure activities like mountaineering, rock climbing, jumping, and mountain biking. On trekking tours in Himalayas trekkers or adventure enthusiasts have also an opportunity to explore the charm of the lofty mountains romancing the sparkling waterfalls gushing down in excitement, like a merry village belle. Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Rohtang Pass, Solang Valley, Kashmir, Leh, Ladakh, Mussoorie, Darjeeling, Sikkim, Gangtok, etc picturesque tourist destinations situated in foothills of majestic Himalayas. Theses hill towns are much known among travellers and adventure enthusiasts from all over the world with lots of Himalayan adventure & sport activities.

On the other hand a trip to desert land of Rajasthan lets travellers to enjoy perplexing desert of the Thar on camel safari with opportunity to see rippling sand dunes. Desert camping in Rajasthan is also enjoyable. Adventure tour in India also provides tourists a wonderful opportunity to wildlife expedition. Wildlife tourism in India provides tourists a perfect mingle of adventure and nature. The eye catching nature beauty and sensational activities of wild animals team up together and never fail to thrill and impress visitors. Ranthambhore and Sariska in Rajasthan are world popular national parks in India. They are known for big population of royal Bengal tigers. If you are wishing to see lions, you need to go Gujarat where you will visit Sasan Gir National Park & Lion Sanctuary. Kaziranga National Park in Assam is popular with big population of rhinos. Corbett National Park in the first national park of India which is, in my point of view, a must visit destination for those looking for nature and adventure.

There are many more national parks and wildlife sanctuaries in India which can be visited and explored on India travel and tours. Besides these there are many more options for adventure & sport activities in India which can be enjoyed on India tours and travel. Water sports like scuba diving in Goa and Adman & Nicobar, water scootering in Goa, etc are worth enjoyable. So, choose a right India tour package and visit India and enjoy adventure & sport activities along with sightseeing.


Tourism in Kullu and Manali

The charming valleys of Kullu and Manali epitomize nature at its best. The towering Himalayan hill wrapped in the shimmering white snows of winter, the scenic slopes, sprawling spans of valleys with colorful wild flowers, river running along, meadows of wild flowers spreading their fragrance far and far…all these create a wonderful environment for wonderful holiday. No doubt, Kullu Manali tour deserves the attention of tourists from all over the world.

You will surly left spellbound on tours and travel in the enchanting region of Kullu and Manali by the charming surroundings and fresh-looking delicacy of hilly landscapes. The beauty of the region of Kullu and Manali lies in its breathtaking scenic beauty and panoramic snow covered mountains. And that’s why the region claims to be called the Switzerland of India.

The hill town of Kullu (also known as the Valley of Gods) is located on the banks of Beas River on the western Himalayan region. The remarkable feature of Kullu town is lush meadows of wild flowers and exceptional panoramic views. The town is also known for its religious importance. Travellers can visit the ancient magnificent temples like the Bijli Mahadeo Temple, Raghunathji Temple and Manikaran.

There are several fascinating destinations like Kothi, Rahala Falls, Solang Valley, etc in the hill town of Manali that can be explored on the Kullu Manali tours. You too can explore these destinations with the famous apple orchard and several nature trails on your tours and travel in Himachal Pradesh.

The region of Kullu and Manali is also famous amongst trekkers and adventure sports buffs. The region offer a wide range of adventure and sport options to be played and enjoyed, such as, trekking, mountaineering, rock climbing, river rafting, para gliding, heli skiing, etc. You will too surly to love to enjoy these adventurous activities during tours for Manali and Kullu.

Among various tourist attractions, the Great Himalayan National Park and the Kanawar Sanctuary also deserve the attention of wildlife lovers to Kullu. Clad with Deodar trees and Fir trees, these parks provide wonderful opportunity to spot some rare and native wildlife of Himachal Pradesh. You will too love to explore these parks on your visit to Kullu and Manali.

Tourists can also visit the famous Manali Sanctuary, Arjuna Gufa, apple orchards, Tibetan temple, Hidimba temple, etc as part of tour of Manali. Other tourist places around Manali include Keylong, Rohtang Pass, Raison, etc. These are perfect spot for adventure and sport activities. The places like Kasol, Kaishdhar, and Manikaran are also worth visitng.

In fact, the entire region of Kullu and Manali is very famous for its beauty and serenity. And that’s the reason it is also very popular among honeymooners. It is a heaven for honeymooners. You can too enjoy travel and tourism in Kullu and Manali region with Himachal tour package. Kullu and Manali also provide opportunity to head for Shimla – the capital of Himachal Pradesh, one of the most beautiful hill stations of India. Well, a visit to Kullu Manali definitely makes your trip to Himachal Pradesh memorable.